Fire Accidents Damage 4 National Parks within a Month

ADDIS ABABA – At least four fire accidents have occurred in a single month inside four national parks of Ethiopia, officials said on Friday.

Authorities are now planning to create a Fire brigade for each national park across the nation to tackle accidents that are damaging tourist attraction sites.

“Within the past thirty days, four fire accidents occurred in national parks located in Amhara, Oromia, Afar and SNNP regional states,” Solomon Mekonen, director-general of Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA), told ENA.

These wildfires occurring annually are wreaking havoc on the natural resources of the country.

The latest four accidents in Asebot, Semien Mountains, Bale Mountains, and Tarma ber parks resulted in a loss of various kinds of flora and fauna including some of the oldest trees in the country, he said.

The authority has ruled out any political motives behind the recent accidents in the national parks.

The causes of the fire that affected four national parks in Ethiopia are manmade, the government admitted.

Apart from creating awareness about the parks, the authority said it’s now working to bring those responsible for the accidents before justice for their crimes.


Featured Image: More than 100 square kilometers of grass and shrubs have been destroyed in a fire [pictured above] that broke out in Hallaydeghe Asebot National Park in mid-march, 2021