Envoy, Law Firm Discuss Rights of Ethiopians in Sudanese Prisons

ADDIS ABABA – Yibeltal Aemero, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Sudan, has consulted Mohamed Ahmed, a Sudanese lawyer on protecting the rights of Ethiopians who are sentenced for committing crimes.

The lawyer works for Ahmed A.M. Zaroug law firm in Sudan.

The discussion on Monday was specifically centered on ways to protect the rights of convicted Ethiopian citizens for crimes of very grave nature, said the embassy in a statement.

A previous consultation held between Ambassador Yibeltal and the criminal lawyer had helped to suspend a death sentence on an Ethiopian citizen who was about to be executed last week in Sudan.

At the end of their consultation, Ambassador Yibeltal expressed gratitude to the lawyer.

He also pledged to work together with the law firm to help Ethiopians be protected and get justice in accordance with the laws of the land, according to the statement.