Elections 2021: Authorities allocate Airtime for Contending Political Parties

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Broadcast authority and electoral board have jointly announced airtimes for political parties contending in the upcoming 6th general elections.

The allocation of the airtime is said to have been undertaken based on previous experiences and good practices, number, and capacity of media organizations in the country.

The political parties will transmit their political campaigns through broadcast and print media according to a timetable the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia is going to announce, it was learned.

Political parties that field many candidates will have 40 percent additional air time. And parties with many seats in federal and regional parliaments will get 5 percent additional air time.

The time allocation for television is categorized as private and public media houses and the political parties will be given 60 minutes of air time for four days at public televisions and 30 minutes for two days a week in private televisions.

Furthermore, they are given 300 minutes within a week on public radio stations and 150 minutes on private radio stations.

Some 60 public and private media houses will provide services for the election campaigns in which be 46 parties compete, according to reports.