Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Count in Ethiopia Surpasses 50

ADDIS ABABA – The number of noble coronavirus (COVID-19) cases has reached 52 after authorities confirmed eight new patients today.

Ethiopian Public Health Institute has conducted 264 tests in the past 24 hours. Of these, eight individuals – seven Ethiopian and one Eritrean – have tested positive, the institute announced.

The latest figure is the highest number of COVID-19 cases recorded in a day in Ethiopia. 

The majority of the patients were under mandatory quarantine up on their return from Dubai (5), Thailand (1) and United Kingdom (1), according to the ministry of health.

A 19-years-old male patient with no travel history contacted the virus from a previously confirmed case, it added.

A nine-month-old baby and his mother are among the latest coronavirus patients.

As of Tuesday,   Ethiopia has tested over 2270 laboratory tests and found 52 confirmed cases and reported two deaths of coronavirus. 

Four patents have recovered fully from the virus while one patient is still under treatment in an intensive care unit, health officials said.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian public health institute has conducted laboratory tests from over 641 residents of Addis Abeba and Adama cities. 

The tests were a part of government’s move to strengthen COVID-19 surveillance in the country. 

The results of all samples tested negative, said the ministry of Health. 


By Mhret G/Kristos