Ethiopia Commodity Exchange to Set Up Academy for Traders

ADDIS ABEBA – The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) plans to establish an academy during the current Ethiopian fiscal year.

“Based on this and the local demand, ECX is striving to establish its academy (ECX Academy) in the present fiscal year to conduct well designed and tailored traininga,” it said in a statement.

Local traders, baristas, cuppers, as well as staffs of the African Exchanges, will exploit the opportunity given by the academy, ECX announced.

The plan was announced on the final day of the experience sharing tour on a modern trading system to the officials of the Mozambique Commodity Exchange and Reserve Bank of Malawi on Thursday.

The three-day visit which started on August 13 was attended by the Chairwoman of the Mozambique Commodity Exchange who expressed her interest to send technical staffs to ECX for in-depth training.

The senior management members of the Exchange shared their experience in compliance, warehouse, quality and trade operations; trade and warehouse surveillance, clearing and settlement and business information dissemination.

The guests also paid visit to the central laboratory, trading platform, and Addis Ababa Branch.

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