PM: African Commission Can Probe Rights Abuse Allegations in Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia will allow African Union’s rights body to investigate human rights abuses and crime allegedly committed during the recent rule of law operation in its Tigray region, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The PM briefed the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) on the current situation in Northern Ethiopia on Tuesday.

“We express our willingness to openly engage the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights in undertaking investigation in allegations together with the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission,” he said.

The East African country has been a subject of criticisms by Western countries especially after the London-based rights group, Amnesty International, released a report that alleged troops killed hundreds of civilians in Aksum Town after speaking to 41 witnesses via phone and refugees in Sudan.  The government of Ethiopia criticised the method employed by the Amnesty.

“As Ethiopia experiences this wave of international admonition for daring to enforce rule of law within its border, I appeal to my fellow African to stand with Ethiopia in championing African solution for African problems,” the Prime Minister told AU’s Security Council.

A deadly attack on the Federal Army base in Tigray region perpetrated by the forces of the outlawed TPLF party in early November prompted the federal government to start law enforcement operations in the region. Its purpose, officials said, has been to restore law and order in the region and bring those criminals to justice.



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