TPLF Forces Attack on Infrastructures Cost Public Institutions 2.9bln Birr: Police

ADDIS ABABA – Five public institutions have incurred more than 2.9 billion birr loss due to the damages caused to infrastructure by forces of Tigray People’s Liberation Front, Federal Police Commission said.

Top former TPLF officials, who appeared in court on two occasions under treason charges, are under police investigation.

The court granted 14 days additional days for investigation for the Police during its last session on January 29, while denying the defendant’s bail request.

Police informed the court that they were waiting for major service giving institutions to disclose their estimated loss sustained due to the attacks on their infrastructure during the November conflict in Northern Ethiopia.

In a statement issued late Wednesday, the Police disclosed the outcome of its probe on the level of damages both on the infrastructure and services of five major institutions.

Ethio telecom, Ethiopian Electric Power, Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Agency, Ethiopian Airlines, and Dedebit Microfinance Institution have been subject of Police’s investigation.

Ethio telecom

Ethio telecom alone suffered a loss of more than 1.3 billion birr, police’s statement alleged.

The telecom company has also managed to foil a major cyber attack by TPLF forces that could have cost the company additional 39.8 billion birr, it added.


The commission said Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), state-owned electric producer, has been hit with more than 329. 1 million birr loss.

The commission said other state-run firm, Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Agency (EPSA), was also a subject of theft.

The agency has incurred an estimated 258.1mln birr after 14.49 million liters of fuel was taken away from its depot by the TPLF, police reported.

Ethiopian Airlines

Bahir Dar and Gondar airports, which is owned by the Ethiopian Airlines group, were target of TPLF forces’ rocket attacks, causing the Airlines and the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise to experienced over 43.3mln birr worth loss.

Police also claimed Ethiopian Airlines has also suffered an estimated 190.9 million birr as it was forced to suspend flights to its Eight destinations in Northern Ethiopia.

These destinations are Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum, Mekelle, Humera, Desie, Lalibela, Semera and Shire towns.

Finance institutions

Police also alleged that TPLF officials withdrew 800 million birr in a single day from Dedebit Microfinance Institution, which was deposited within the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s Mekelle branch.

The decision to withdraw was made under the order of Dr Abrham Tekeste, former head of Tigray regional state’s trade and industry bureau, according to the Police.

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