Dr Lia Tadesse says the medical equipment would contribute to reestablishing health services

Nation Secures 9mln Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia is aggressively working to bring in up to 9 million COVID 19 vaccines during next two months, its health Minister said.

Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse said that 9 Million COVID 19 vaccines will be imported to the country at the end of March or beginning of April, 2021.

The minister announced this while briefing reporters on the progress of “No Mask, No Service” – a national mask wearing campaign.

Screening works are being carried out to identify those who will be given first priority in the vaccination drive, she added.

Frontline health workers, public health professionals and public transport workers will be given priority in the vaccination process, according to the minister.

To date, Health officials have tested more than 2mln people since the first coronavirus case confirmed on March 13, and confirmed 143, 566 infections.

Over 126, 000 people have recuperated after contracting the virus while 2, 158 Ethiopians lost their lives to the virus. The country confirmed its first COVID-related death on April 15, 2020.