Ethiopia Receives 191mln Birr Financial Support from German

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has received close to 191.6 million financial aid from Germany to make the East African nation’s election administration and leadership between 2020 and 2025 electoral cycle effective, Ministry of Finance announced on Tuesday.

The financial support was provided as part of the 11th European Development Fund national Indicative program signed between Ethiopia and the European Union, according to the Ministry. It involves 10mln Euro grant money.

“The 4 million euro (ETB 191.58 million) support will contribute to Ethiopia’s stability, peace and prosperity,” the ministry said in a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon.

The total amount of support provided by Germany and the EU for effective electoral management and leadership in Ethiopia during the cycle is 24mln Euro or over 1.1bln birr.

“Ethiopia and German relations can look back on a long standing partnership based on mutual respect and trust, with development cooperation as a core element,” the ministry said.

Berlin has been providing technical assistance to Ethiopia for more than 60 years while a formal development cooperation between the two nations started in 1964.