UAE Urges Ethiopia & Sudan to De-escalate Border Tension

ADDIS ABEBA – UAE stressed that it is looking forward to the de-escalation of the conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia, noting its concern for the situation in the Al Fasha border area.

On Tuesday, Ethiopia warned Sudan it is running out of patience with its neighbor’s continued military build-up in a disputed border area despite attempts to diffuse tensions with diplomacy.

Sudan took advantage of Ethiopian forces being distracted by the rule of law operation in Tigray to occupy Ethiopian land, loot properties and drive Farmers out of their farms.

In its statement, UAE’s Ministry Foreign Ministry commended the solid ties between the UAE and the two countries, stressing the importance of their cooperation and dialogue, in addition to refraining from any actions that may lead to additional tension.

It also called for giving priority to talk of cooperation and partnership between the two neighboring countries in a way that meets the hopes and aspirations of their peoples to achieve security, stability and prosperity.

The border tension between the two nations heightened since Sudanese troops started attack supported with heavy artilleries and take control of the disputed land in al-Fashqa on Feb 9, 2020.

Since then, “the Sudanese side seems to be pushing in so as to inflame the situation on the ground,” foreign ministry spokesman Dina Mufti told reporters.

“Is Ethiopia going to start a war? Well, we are saying let’s work on diplomacy,” he said.

“How long will Ethiopia continue to resolve the issue using diplomacy? Well, there is nothing that has no limit. Everything has a limit,” he added.