Redwan Receives Credentials of New Chinese Envoy

ADDIS ABEBA – State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Redwan Hussein, received on Wednesday the copies of credentials of the newly appointed ambassador of China to Ethiopia Zhao Zhiyuan.

At the occasion, the two have discussed several bilateral and multilateral issues of common interest.

They have reiterated the importance of further expanding the extensive economic activities that the Chinese Government and private companies are currently engaging in Ethiopia.

Redwan appreciated China’s critical support to Ethiopia in fighting COVID-19, while the Chinese ambassador thanked Ethiopia for standing shoulder to shoulder with China in its fight against the global scourge.

Talking about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the two have agreed that contentious issues should only be solved through dialogue and mutual understanding among the negotiating parties.

Ambassador Redwan commended China for understanding Ethiopia’s stance not to internationalize the undergoing operation in Tigray regional state as the issue is a domestic affair of Ethiopia.

The Chinese ambassador reaffirmed that China understands external power involvement in the Ethiopian government operation in Tigray is unnecessary since Ethiopia is capable of solving its own problems.

The two have also talked about ways that Ethiopian Airlines could resume its temporarily suspended flights to China.

The Chinese ambassador Zhiyuan said he was delighted to serve his country as an ambassador to Ethiopia, where the Chinese government attaches great importance to its relations for historical, economic, and strategic reasons.

Redwan finally expressed his hope that the Chinese ambassador would spend a successful time in Ethiopia and give a considerable impetus to the already strong relationship that exists between the two countries.