OLF-Shene, TPLF Should be Labeled as Terrorists, MPs Ask

ADDIS ABEBA – Members of Parliament have voiced their frustration over the last weeks attack on civilians in Western Ethiopia on Tuesday.

They have also called for responsible armed groups including Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to be labeled as terrorist.

At least 34 people including 9 women were killed in an overnight attack in West Wollega Zone of Oromia region on Sunday which targeted ethnic Amharas.

Up to 10 people sustained injuries of various kinds during the attack by a group of armed and unarmed assailants that numbered up to 60 in the zone’s Gawa-Kanka, Gilla-Gogola, and Seka-Jerbi kebeles.

Authorities say the Nov. 1 raid was undertaken by members of the OLF Shane, a militant breakaway group of the Oromo Liberation Front, working with the support of the TPLF.

The house had a plan to discuss on various agendas for Tuesday’s session but put them on hold after members sought an explanation from the executive body of the government’s next move in response to the attack.

Military Withdrawal

Head of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Daniel Bekele, has said he “unequivocally condemned the massacre of civilians”.

Sunday’s attack occurred soon after the withdrawal of federal soldiers from the areas around noon the same day, EHRC said quoting its source in the area.

“These gruesome killings of civilians are unconscionable and flout basic principles of humanity,” said Bekele. “No amount of grievance can justify such brutality, and perpetrators should be held to account.”

EHRC has also urged federal and regional authorities to promptly launch an independent investigation into the killings and “shed light on the reasons behind the military’s withdrawal from an area long known to be vulnerable to attacks”.