Supreme Court Revokes Bail for Lidetu Ayalew

ADDIS ABABA – East Shoa Zone High Court’s order for veteran politician, Lidetu Ayalew, to be released on cash bail has been overturned on Thursday.

The latest ruling was made by Supreme Court in Circuit at East Shoa, following an appeal from Adama Justice Bureau, reported state-broadcaster.

The court has accepted the appeal request, said the report, adding that it will summon on September 29 to hear the appeal request.

Lidetu, a co-founder of the Ethiopian Democratic Party, has been charged with illegal possession of firearms under Firearms Administration and Control Proclamation 1177/2012.

The high court that is hearing the case has granted him a bail of 100,000 birr on Tuesday, and adjourned for September 30, 2020 to see the case with the defendant ordered to appear on the date.

On Thursday, authorities’ indecision to execute the bail order was a subject of criticism from state-run rights group which called for his prompt release.

“The continued detentions of Lidetu and others in spite of bail grants reflect disregard for the rule of law and are violations of human rights,” said Daniel Bekele, head of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

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