Flooding Displaces 53,158 People

ADDIS ABEBA – At least 53, 258 people have been displaced in Ethiopia due to flooding since Monday, according to the United Nations agency report.

The newly displaced people are among 124,219 people in six regions affected by blooding this week following above normal rainfall.

The flooding especially in the second decade of July, in the southeastern, western, and central parts of the country continues to affect many, especially people living along river basins.

“As of 10 August, 124,219 people were affected by flooding in Afar, Amhara, Oromia, Gambella, SNNP, and Somali regions, of whom 53,158 people were displaced,” said a report by the UN biweekly humanitarian agency on Wednesday.

Authorities are releasing water from several dams, which have either reached their maximum level or nearing full capacity, to the downstream areas.

This move has contributed to the situation, according to UN OCHA’s bi-weekly report.

The release of dam water increases the flood risk in downstream communities, including in the South Omo zone of SNNPR and Western and North Western zones in Tigray region, according to the report.

The National Disaster Risk Management Commission, in collaboration with humanitarian partners, is currently working on flood preparedness and response measures.

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