Oromia’s Ruling Party Decides to Remove Lemma from Central Committee

ADDIS ABABA – Oromia Prosperity Party (OPP) has dismissed Lemma Megerssa and two other officials from membership of its central committee on Sunday.

OPP, the ruling Prosperity party in Oromia region, conducted a two-day meeting over the weekend on current situation in the country in general and the region in particular.

Head of OPP office, Fikadu Tessema, told the national broadcaster that the leadership gap within the party has been affecting its effectiveness.

After deliberations, he said the party decided to remove Lemma, Ethiopia’s Defense Minister, along with Milchessa Midega and Tebay Hassen from membership of its central committee (CC).

OPP did not delve into the reason that led to the dismissal of the three officials from the CC.

But the disagreement between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s party and his previous ally was first reported in November last year, after Lemma made his disagreement over the proposal to merge defunct ruling coalition, Ethiopian Peoples Revolution Front, to one party official.

The merger that led to the creation of Prosperity Party received the support of all coalition members except Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which was a former leading member.

Later, Lemma agreed to narrow his differences and work with the Prosperity Party. The latest move, however, indicates that differences remained unresolved.

Fikadu said, to address challenges that the party face, OPP members stressed on the need to have a unified front. The party agreed to resolve the leadership gap and took the latest decisions, he added.

Accordingly, the party removed the three officials from membership of the central committee, a powerful body of the OPP.

The decision, however, needs to get approval from the executive committee of the party.

Image Caption: Lemma Megerssa [Photo File]