Blast Rocks Military Base in Mogadishu, 8 Dead

ADDIS ABABA – A huge blast rocked a military base in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu near a stadium on Saturday, killing at least eight people and injuring 14, according to media reports.

A suicide bomber driving a car targeted the gates of the base near Mogadishu Stadium, military officials said.

“It must be a suicide car bomb, I am now transporting casualties,” Army officer Major Abdullahi Mohamud told Reuters.

Islamist militant group Al-Shabab said it was behind the attack. It often carries out bombings targeting security forces and officials.

Somalia has been embroiled in deadly violence since 1991, when clan warlords overthrew leader Siad Barre and then turned on each other.

Since 2008, al Shabaab has been fighting to overthrow the internationally-recognized central government and establish its rule based on its own interpretation of Islamic Sharia law.


Image Caption: An ambulance is seen near the site of the explosion in Mogadishu [Photo Reuters]

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