Milk & Dairy Export Revenue Fall Short of Govt’s Target

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia has earned only 68 million US dollars from meat and dairy products Export over the past eleven months of the 2019/20 fiscal year, ministry of trade and industry said on Thursday.

The amount is 46 million US dollars or 42 percent short of the ministry’s target for the period. The country targeted to generate at least 114 million US dollars.

During the period, processed goat and sheep meat generated over 61 million dollars revenue while the country collected 1.3mln and 2.9mln US dollars from live animals and animals byproduct exports, respectively.

Honey products also generated 2.6 million during the period.

The dearth of quality supply of live animals and the absence of quarantine for livestock animals and lack of credit availability, shortage of electric power were among the main reasons that the ministry has mentioned as a factor for the failure to achieve its target.

However, the ministry has mentioned that there is no scarcity of supply if the coordination issues among abattoir firms and suppliers could go smoothly.

The statement has indicated the ministry’s commitment to preparing export standards that could benefit both farmers and the country.

Despite a decrease in this sector, the overall export performance of the country in the current fiscal year has been encouraging after the trade saw a 13 per cent increase as compared to last year.

By Sisay Sahlu

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