EU Mobilises 19bln Birr to Support Ethiopia’s COVID-19 Response

ADDIS ABABA – European Union and its Member States (Team Europe) mobilized 487 million Euro (19 billion Birr) to support Ethiopia’s COVID 19 response effort, its delegation in Addis Ababa said.

Building on many years of partnership with Ethiopia including investment in strengthening health and social protection systems, Team Europe response has contributed 487 million Euro over the past twelve months.

This includes support to the Ethiopian health system and quarantine sites, social protection enhancement, livelihood recovery and significant support to the country in its overall economic response to the crisis, according to a statement from the Delegation of the European Union in Ethiopia

Currently, EU and its members’ Embassies and agencies have worked closely with the Ministry of Finance, as well as the Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute to address the crisis from the outset.

Team Europe is also making important contributions to the World Health Organisation and the wider UN system, demonstrating our continued support for multilateralism and underlining the need for an integrated, effective and coherent global response to this pandemic.

Furthermore, EU with Team Europe is contributing EUR 60 million to IGAD’s regional coordination in supporting border facilities, continuity of health services, ensuring critical supply chains for safe trade and promoting digital solutions for COVID-19 health response.

“Team Europe is the tangible expression of Europe’s global solidarity and commitment to make all efforts to act rapidly and collectively when working with our partners in these turbulent and challenging times,” the delegation’s statement concludes.