Two-year Old Boy Rescued from Kidnapper in Central Gondar

ADDIS ABABA – Police in northern Ethiopia arrested a suspect who kidnapped a two-year boy for ransom money of over 17, 000 US dollars.

The kidnapping happened in the central Gondar Zone in Ethiopia’s Amhara regional state last week.

The suspect took away the boy from a home she used to work as a maid on May 18 and demanded 600, 000 birr or approximately $17,200 from the boy’s family.

And she informed the boy’s family that they will not see their son again if she is not paid the ransom money via phone, an officer Armachiho district’s Peace and Security Office told the state-run Ethiopian news agency.

After days-long follow up and investigation, police managed to capture the suspected kidnaper and the boy in the countryside of Wogera district.

Both the unnamed suspect and a number of others are put into custody in connection with the kidnapping.

Three other suspects are also being tracked, said the police which says the investigation is still ongoing.

After receiving a medical examination, the police said the boy, who was kidnapped, was reunited with his family.

Last week, a court slapped a convicted kidnaper in Tegede woredas of Central Gondar Zone with 11 years in prison.