Ethiopia Assigns New Envoys to Different Countries

ADDIS ABEBA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the placement of  several ambassadors and consular to 15 nations on Thursday.

The ambassadors were approved by President Sahlework Zewdie at the end of February.

According to the spokesperson of the Ministry, the ambassadors designated are the following:

1. Berhanu Tsegaye – Ambassador to Australia

2. Yalem Tsegay – Ambassador to Cuba

3. Hirut Zemene – Ambassador to Belgium

4. Markos Tekle- Ambassador to Egypt

5. Bacha Gina – Ambassador to Morocco

6. Yibeltal Aemero – Ambassador to Sudan

7. Mihretab Mulugeta – Ambassador to Eritrea

8. Nebiat Getachew – Ambassador to Algeria, and

9. Teferi Meles – Ambassador to Britain

In addition, the ministry also assigned

– Adgo Amsaya as Deputy Chief of Mission in Stockholm, Sweden

– Jemal Beker as Consul General in Manama, Bahrain

– Abdu Yasin as Consul General in Jedda, Saudi Arabia

– Legese Geremew as Deputy Chief of Mission in Ottawa, Canada

– Eyerusalem Amdemariam as Consul General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

– Shibru Mamo as Consul General in Minnesota, USA.