Ethiopian Woman Falls to Death from Building in UAE

ADDIS ABABA – An Ethiopian woman died on Sunday after falling from the fourth floor of a building in UAE’s Sharjah city, according to a media report.

The woman had suffered serious injuries from the fall when police and paramedics arrived at the scene, a police official told Gulf News. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation is ongoing on the incident that involves the death of the woman who was reportedly a housemaid. Police found a handbag beside her body.

The official said that the woman’s body was transferred to a hospital, and then to a forensic laboratory.

Police have also summoned the family where the maid was working for questioning. Al Gharb Police Station is investigating the incident.

An official from the Ethiopian consulate confirmed that they received a report about the death of a woman and they are investigating the issue along with Sharjah Police.