Ethiopia Reports 61 New Coronavirus Cases; 23 Recoveries

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia set a new record for daily new coronavirus case today, while also recording its highest recovery cases for a day.

The East African Nation has reported 61 new cases of the noble coronavirus today, taking the total count to 494, according to the Ministry of Health.

Laboratories across the nation tested up to 3, 757 people for COVID-19, a respiratory illness caused by coronavirus, over the past twenty-four hours.

Of these, 61 people tested positive for the virus, said the Ministry of Health.

The number is a record Ethiopia has reported for a day so far. The previous highest number recorded on Monday

The ministry’s report clams all the newly infected patients are Ethiopian nationals and are in the age range of 15 to 70 years.

Forty-eight of the total cases are from Addis Ababa, the epicenter of the virus in Ethiopia. Only three of them have contact with a previously confirmed case.

The ministry says fourth-three of them have neither contact with previously confirmed cases nor travel history.

The remaining cases are confirmed in Somalia (7), Afar (3), Amhara (1), and Oromia (2) regional states.

Meanwhile, up to 23 people have recovered from the virus on Saturday.

The ministry said most of the patients recovered are residents of Addis Ababa (14).

The remaining nine recoveree cases are reporte from Afar Region, making the total number of recovery cases to 151.