Ethiopia to Provide Bonus for Health Workers Battling Covid-19

ADDIS ABEBA – The Ethiopian government has approved a draft directive that will allow health workers fighting the coronavirus to get bonus.

The spread of coronavirus in Ethiopia is growing fast with 30 cases were reported on Friday alone bringing the total count in the country to 429, with an overall test count of 73, 1600.

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, several doctors, nurses and other health workers in emergency rooms remain at high risk, according to health officials.

The coronavirus bonus directive, which was prepared by the Ministry of Health, has been a subject of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet meeting on Friday.

The ministers have agreed on the risk the virus poses not only to the health workers but also to their families, says the prime minister office said in a statement issued after the meeting.

After a delibeation, the ministers approved the directive – which will come into effect immediately. The directive gives health officials the authority to prepare bonus scheme for medical workers that are helping the country fight the deadly virus.

Fortnights ago, the Ethiopian government bought life insurance for health professionals and other frontline workers that will have direct contact with Covid-19 patients.

Health minister Lia Tadesse said the life insurance grant is aimed at encouraging health experts who are the most vulnerable to the deadly coronavirus.

The Health Ministry is also preparing temporary residential homes for health workers over fears that physicians could bring the virus to their homes.