Ethiopia Earns Over $2b from 9-Month Export

ADDIS ABEBA – Nine months export revenue increases by 10 percent, said Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, after the country garnered 2.09 billion US dollars.

The revenue, however, is less than half a billion-dollar short of the ministry’s target for the period which was 2.68 billion US dollars.

The total revenue for the period has shown a 10 percent or 100mln US dollar increase as compared to the same period of last year, the ministry said in a statement issued on Monday.

In the face of coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the global market chain, the country managed to perform well, says the statement.

Export of vegetables, fruits and Khat generated revenue more than the target the ministry set for the commodities.

Other commodities such as natural gums, coffee, electronics, textiles and apparel export registered over 75% performances, the statement says.

The ministry also put the achievements of tantalum, oilseeds, pulses, meat, species, and tea exports between the performance range of 50-74 percent.

Gold, leather and leather products, as well as live animals export, performed less than 50% of the ministry’s target.