Officials Review Plan to Plant 5bln Trees in Kiremt Rainy Season

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed presided over a meeting that reviews preparations for this year’s tree planting program, his office has said.

Ethiopia plans to plant at least 5 billion trees in the upcoming Kreimt rainy season, which will start in June.

Ministry of Agriculture has made a presentation that reviews the national green legacy initiative as well as the overall preparation.

“Citing key success factors from last year’s planting season as great public mobilization, active engagement of government leadership, institutional coordination and stakeholders participation, the need to build on these good experiences was indicated” during the meeting, says the PM office.

Preparations to ready the required 5 billion seedlings have been underway since the end of last year’s planting season, the office added.

The tree seedlings, which include avocado and mango, are being nursed in 38,000 sites across the nation, according to reports.

In the meeting, Prime Minister Abiy emphasized the importance of continuity and finishing what has been started.

Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative targets to plant 20billion trees within the next few years.

Abiy also shared the status of the Addis Ababa greening projects which are linked to promoting urban tourism and creating a livable city.

Presented during the meeting include members of national steering committee, technical committee members, regional chief administrators and influential personalities that will be engaged in public mobilization, according to the office of the Prime Minister.

Last year, the East African nation managed to surpass its Green Legacy goal, conceived by the Prime Minister, of planting 200 million trees in a day at over 1,000 sites. The country managed to plant four billion trees in total throughout the rainy season.

Image: Four billion trees have been planted in the last rainy season [Photo File]