PM Pays Tribute to Health Workers at COVID-19 Hospital Visit

ADDIS ABEBA – Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed has visited today a COVID 19 treatment center where he expressed his gratitude to health workers for their service to their country.

The PM was accompanied by First Lady Zinash Tayachew and Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa city Takele Uma, during his visit to Eka Kotebe hospital on Friday.

The Prime Minister has given various gifts to medical professionals working at the hospital in connection with the upcoming Ethiopian Easter, which will be celebrated on Sunday.

Abiy “expressed his gratitude to the medical professionals and encouraged them to be resilient during this time while saving a nation”, said the PM office in a statement after the visit.

Ethiopia confirmed its first case on March 12. Since then, the nation reported 92 cases including 3 deaths from the virus.

There are at least 72 patients in the country’s treatment centers while 15 recovered to date.

The PM met with medical workers at Eka hospital on Thursday [Photo PMoE]

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