Ethiopia’s Ruling Coalition Agree to Merge

ADDIS ABEBA – The council of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front coalition unanimously approved the plan of forming a new political party.

In its two-day session on Thursday and Friday, party officals have also approved programs and bylaws of the newly merged party, named ‘Prosperity Party’.

The merger of the coalition, programs and bylaws of Prosperity PArty were first approved by the executive committee of EPRDF.

Member of EPRDF’s executive committee Fekadu Tesemma, described the meeting of Council as democratic and free while Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the new Party would help break down ethnic divisions and unite the country.

“The unanimous decision passed today to merge the Party is a crucial step in harnessing our energy to work toward a shared vision,” he said. “Prosperity Party is committed to strengthening & applying a true Federal system which recognizes the diversity and contributions of all Ethiopians”.

But one coalition member and formerly powerful bloc, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), has refused to join the new party, fearing its influence will be further eroded.

The party that boycotted Thursday’s coalition meeting and abstained from voting condemned the move to form a single party as rushed and undemocratic.

“The whole process is a total sham. The prime minister didn’t follow the right procedures…it was wrong as well as undemocratic,” Getachew Reda, a senior member of the Tigrayan party, told Reuters.