Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency over Coronavirus

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has declared a state of emergency (SoE) in response to the rapidly growing number of coronavirus infections in Ethiopia.

The number of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients has increased on Tuesday in a record number for a single day so far – growing from 44 to 52 confirmed cases.

Authorities are not satisfied with public’s response to stick with governments and health experts advise to contain the virus in the country.

“Considering the gravity of the COVID-19, the Government of Ethiopia has enacted a State of Emergency  according to Article 93 of the Constitution,” said the prime minister office.

The Prime minister has called up the public “to follow the ensuing measures that will further define the SOE, his office said.

Abiy said the current situation has forced him to impose the emergency and said additional measures that may be needed to contain the virus could be taken.

Details on what restrictions the decree will impose are yet to be announced.

But the government has repeatedly said it wont impose the kinds of lockdown seen elsewhere in Africa, including in Uganda, Rwanda and Mauritius.

“We can’t impose a lockdown like more developed nations, as there are many citizens who don’t have homes,” Abiy said on Saturday. “Even those who have homes have to make ends meet daily.”

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