Ethiopia to Free More Prisoners to Reduce COVID-19 Risk in Prison

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Attorney General announced on Thursday additional 1,559 inmates will be released to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection in prison.

The latest numbers will take the total of convicts pardoned and released from federal prisons to over 5, 600.

The government has been releasing prisoners from 4,010 inmates who were pardoned to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID – 19) in prisons since late March.

Most of them were locked up for “petty crimes” and drug offenses or have less than a year remaining on their sentences.

Federal Attorney-General Adanech Abebe announced more will be released soon.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, she said the latest pardoned prisoners were detained at the police station, whose information was not filtered on time, as well as federal prisoners who are locked up in regional correctional facilities.

The inmates were granted pardon by President Sahlework Zewde as per the constitution, officials said.

From the total pardoned prisoners, 48 are women, said the Attorney General

The list also includes inmates serving jail time in regional correctional facilities of Harari and regional states.

She noted that due to the urgency of the situation, these detainees had previously been excluded from the amnesty.

By Mhret G/kristos