COVID-19: Ethiopians Urged to Strictly Follow Preventive Practices

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian Public Health Institute reported no confirmed cases for today as health officials continue to urge the public maximum caution against the virus.

The institute has so far conducted 1148 laboratory tests. Of these, 65 of them were carried out within twenty-four hours and all the 65 test results are negative for COVID-19, it said.

Ministry of health, however, urged the public to practice social distancing and follow government’s advice to contain the virus.

“Considering the transmission nature of COVID-19, we urge the public to strictly follow preventive practices and comply with governmental decisions,” said Dr. Lia Tadesse in a statement issued today.

The minister said one person “in critical condition” receiving care while announcing a new recovered case. The case increased the number of recovered individuals in Ethiopia to Three.

She, however, said all of the recovered individuals are kept in isolation as a precautionary measure.

The minister also clarified the case of a suspected pneumonia patient who was admitted to the isolation center and passed away prior to the laboratory test.

She said his test confirmed that the person was negative. “The ministry would like to express its condolence for the family and friends,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health said it has been observing the misuse of hand gloves by the public.

“We would like to strongly advise the public to follow the guidelines and recommendations of Ethiopian Public Health Institute and Ministry of Health on the rational use of gloves,” it said in a statement.