Coronavirus: Federal Employees to Work from Home

ADDIS ABABA – Federal workers will begin working from home on Wednesday as a Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government continues to take more measure to curb coronavirus spread.

The East African nation so far has 12 COVID-19 cases.

In an extraordinary meeting today, Abiy’s cabinet discussed COVID-19 response measures, “in light of the social, political and economic turmoil that an uncurtailed spread can create”.

“The Council of Ministers has decided that as part of efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, federal Government employees will work from home effective March 25, 2020 until further notified,” said the prime minister office in a statement issued after the meeting.

The employees who will work from home will be selected based on criteria to be set by each Ministry and communicated with their workforce, according to the statement.

Federal Government employees working from home are, however, expected to be accessible for tasks that require their contribution.

“This measure has been taken to decrease city wide movement and transport sector crowding,” said the statement.

Ethiopia is currently enforcing several measures that have been taken by the COVID-19 Ministerial Committee including shutting down schools and banning gatherings.