Tech Firm Launches Educational DVD for All Grades

ADDIS ABEBA – A local entrepreneur firm, Scholars-e-Publisher Plc., has launched a new virtual supplementary educational DVD that contains various subjects.

The DVD launched on Thursday has combined video lectures, laboratory experiments, electronics laboratory, relevant references and tutorial materials aiming at creating technologically advanced educational environment.

It encompasses subjects including mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, mathematics, biology, physics and elementary school subjects.

Chief proponent the concept and owner of the company, Eng. Wendmu Gezahegne said the idea to design this virtual multimedia video for the last 13 years is mainly intended to support the national education system and so as to bring competent pupils.

Preparing and reviewing the DVDs was done by academicians from Addis Abba University and other institutions.

This digital material is prepared based on Ethiopia’s education curriculum for students ranging from KG to higher preparatory schools.

According to Wendmu, the DVDs will be distributed to schools and students for less than 100 birrs per DVD.

The company is currently working with another VCD manufacturer to produce up to 26,000 VCDs.

Customers should not necessarily have internet access to make use of it, he said. “They can buy DVDs and access at their contents at home without the internet,” said Wendmu.

He has also indicated the company’s’ plan to distribute DVDs for government and public schools that can’t afford these DVDs but designed not to be copied and duplicated.

It is also told that they are working to make easily accessible for people with disabilities. Each DVD has a capacity of 20GB.


By Sisay Sahlu

Image: Students at computer class at Tana Haik School [Photo File]