Ethiopia, Kuwait Discuss Draft Deal on Labor Employment

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian and Kuwait held a discussion on the draft memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the employment of domestic workers.

The discussion involved Kwati officials and their Ethiopian counterparts from Foreign ministry and Labor and Social Affairs ministry.

In the discussion held from 21-22 January 2020 at Sheraton Hotel in Kuwait city, the two sides concluded the negotiations with promising progress.

They agreed to finalize the remaining issues soon, said Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MoFA).

A Kuwait committee led by the Foreign Ministry is expected to come to Addis Ababa next week to learn first-hand about labor mechanisms in the African country, according to Gulf News.

There are nearly 18,000 Ethiopians, mainly women, working as domestic workers in Kuwait, according to reports.

The latest discussion between Ethiopia and Kuwait occurred after the Philippines banned the dispatch of workers to the gulf nation.

Last month, a Philippine domestic worker reportedly died in Kuwait amid suspicions that her employers were behind her demise.

An official Philippine autopsy found that the housemaid had been sexually abused before she was murdered, Gulf News says. Her Kuwaiti employer and his wife were arrested after the worker’s death.

The incident had forced Philippine authorities to impose a ban on the deployment of newly hired workers to Kuwait.