Mayor Pleads for Lawmakers’ Help as Migration to Addis Increases

ADDIS ABABA – A durable and tougher measures have to be taken to ease the increasing inflow new people to Addis Ababa, Takele Uma, Deputy Mayor of the city, told members of Ethiopian parliament on Monday.

A recent study shows Ethiopia’s capital welcomes at least 200,000 new faces from regions searching for a better life each year.

Takele, while briefing MPs on various reform activities taking place in the city, said the increasing urban-rural migration has made it difficult for his office to assuage the growing public demand for various social services.

“The number of people coming from regions to Addis is a lot,” said Takele, demanding for MPs to use their influence on regional administrations and the federal government to take more actions that could hold them back in their respective areas by creating better social service.

The federal government should quickly act on its plan to create a better job at a national level, Takele said.

“Reducing rural-urban migration should be a national agenda, and there must be a nationwide strategy to curb the issue,” Takele said.

The Addis Ababa city administration has a plan to deliver over 138,000 new condominium houses to the public this year.

It has also launched an oil factory as well as a huge bakery construction project with a capacity of producing 80,000 loaves of bread per hour. The bakery’s construction is scheduled to be completed within a month.

But challenges related to migration have made providing satisfactory social services to the residents of the city problematic, the mayor said.

House speaker Tagese Chafo and members of parliament pledged that they will work with the city administration.

They also expressed their admiration for the various reforms the city administration has been undertaking since it took office.

The two sides discussion was held at the house of parliament that saw Takele receive the House’s top service award for the development work the city administration led in transforming Addis Abeba.

“I am not only humbled by the recognition but honored to be serving alongside such dedicated leaders,” Takele said after receiving the award.