U.S. Assistant Secretary Set for Five-Nation Africa Tour

ADDIS ABABA – The United States’ Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy is scheduled to travel to five east and central African countries from January 15-29, 2020, the Department of State announced in a statement on Monday.

While in the continent, Nagy will meet with senior government officials for talks, as well as international partners and civil society representatives of the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Sudan.

“His visit will emphasize the importance of promoting good governance and strong democratic institutions, advancing regional peace and security, combatting corruption, and forging stronger trade and investment ties,” the Department of State’s statement reads.

Nagy’s visit will reiterate the U.S.’ commitment to engage with the continent’s youth, the Department said.

He will also promote the University Partnerships Initiative, a new program designed to strengthen ties and encourage collaboration between U.S. and African universities, according to the Department.