Ruling Party Passes Peace Resolution to End Conflict in Northern Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – The ruling Prosperity Party (PP) has passed a decision to resolve the war in the northern part of Ethiopia through peaceful talks.

The Executive and the Central Committees of Ethiopia’s ruling party held their meetings consecutively last week.

Member of the PP’s Central Committee and Minister of Justice, Gedion Timothiwos said the option of the peaceful resolution of the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia was one of the agenda items discussed by the committees.

“We are committed to the peaceful resolution of the conflict. We do our level best to make our agenda for peace a success,” he said.

Gedion said any outcome of the Peace process should be within the bounds of three principles.

These are respect for the constitutional order, respect for fundamental national interest, and the role of the African Union as the facilitator of the process.



Speaking about the reasons to proceed with the peace process, Gedion said “this is not conflict that we have entered into with our free volition and this is not something we chose.”

“This is a conflict that has been imposed upon us,” he said. “The federal government has tried its level best to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict [before and during the conflict.”

Gedion said peace is essential and of paramount importance for our political and reform initiatives to succeed, adding the need to put an end to this tragic chapter in our history and to move forward.

He also said the decision was also predicated on “an aspiration to move towards reconstruction rehabilitation and reconciliation of communities that have been affected by the conflict” as well as on the need to avoid further bloodshed and to end the suffering and misery that has been occasioned by the conflict, and foster national consensus through a process of inclusive national dialogue.

“However, we are also realistic about the daunting challenge ahead of us and the need to be ready for any provocation or attack so we hope for and work for the best but we shall be prepared for scenarios that are far from the best,” he said.

The Central Committee and the Executive Committee of Prosperity Party have called upon all Ethiopians to support this peace initiative and this peace effort, according to Gedion.

“Both committees would also like to call upon the international community and friends of Ethiopia to play a constructive role and support this peace initiative and agenda,” he added.

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