Ethiopia, Czech Republic Keen to Increase Economic Ties

ADDIS ABEBA – Foreign Affairs Minister Gedu Andargachew and Czech Republic Foreign Affairs Minister Tomáš Petříček met in Addis Ababa in a bid to strengthen their diplomatic and economic ties.

Petříček came to Ethiopia on Wednesday for an official working visit to Ethiopia. His first meeting was with his Ethiopian counterpart to exchanged views on bilateral and multilateral issues of common interest, said ministry of foreign affairs in a statement.

Foreign Minister Gedu commended the Czech Foreign Minister for visiting Ethiopia leading Czech Republic’s business delegation. The delegation met with its Ethiopian counterpart at Hilton Addis on the same day.

Gedu also applauded the support Czech Republic is extending to Ethiopia in the European Union and said Ethiopia will give all the necessary support for the success of Czech investments in Ethiopia.

Explaining his government’s above 30 years of experience in helping private investments flourish, the Czech Foreign Minister said his country is ready to share this experience with Ethiopia.

“Ethiopia is one of the two countries in Africa that the Czech Republic has selected to build strategic partnership with,” said Tomáš Petříček and he vowed to further strengthen relations between the two countries.

The Czech Foreign Minister also said the two countries can further build strong ties collaborating in education, agriculture and transport sectors.

Later that day, over 75 Ethiopian and Czech companies participated in a business forum that aims at attracting foreign direct investment and strengthening business linkages between the two nations.
Petříček said, “the business Forum would be indispensable in strengthening the economic linkage between the two countries.”

“It would also be important to cooperate in the energy, agriculture, defense industry, and aviation and information technology sectors,” he added.

“Considering the strong political, economic and cultural relations between the two countries, the level of trade is low,” President of Addis Ababa

Chamber of Commerce Mesenbet Shenkute said and “it needs to grow through organizing such business forums.”

Addis Ababa Chamber of commerce and the Czech Republic signed a memorandum of understanding which both parties said would be a milestone in creating linkages between Ethiopian and Czech companies.

Ethiopia and the Czech Republic established diplomatic relations in the late 1940s.