At Least 10 Died in Ethiopia Bus Crash

ADDIS ABABA – At least 10 people were killed in Amhara region of Ethiopia after a bus they were traveling in hurtled off a cliff, according to police.

The accident involving mid-bus – plate number 3-02180 Amhara – occurred on Wednesday night in Ambassal district of Wollo zone.

At least 10 people were killed and 14 seriously injured after the bus traveling from Lalibela town to Geshen Maryam falling into a deep pit, said Mekonen Shumu, Inspector General of South Wollo Zone Police Office.

The nature of the accident made police’s rescue effort very difficult, the inspector told ENA.

Of the 29 passengers on board, reports said five men and five women were immediately killed. Fourteen others were seriously injured while the remaining sustained minor injuries.

They are now getting medical care at Dessie Referral Hospital.

The police did not reveal the cause of the accident.

But deadly traffic accidents in Ethiopia are fairly common, with the blame put on bad roads, reckless driving, among others.

Though the country has one of the lowest per capita ownership rates in the world, latest researches show that at least thirteen people die every day due to traffic accidents.