Japan Supports Sidama Zone Upgrade Schools

ADDIS ABEBA – A grant contract has been signed between Japan and officials of Sidama Zone to upgrade Dongora Elmete Primary School of Aletawendo Woreda.

The agreement, part of Japanese Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), was signed on Thursday in the presence of Daisuke Matsunaga, Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia.

According to Japan embassy, a grant contract is worth a total of 136,969 USD and will finance “the Project for Upgrading Dongora Elmete Primary School, Aletawendo Woreda, Sidama Zone, SNNPRs”.

Under the project, three school buildings (two primary school buildings with eight classrooms each, and a kindergarten building with three classrooms, an office and a storeroom), two toilet blocks, each equipped with 8 units and a hand wash space will be constructed along with the procurement of classroom furniture (300 desks/chairs and one blackboard for each classroom).

The Sidama Zone Aletawendo Woreda Education Office requested Japan’s assistance to accommodate the growing number of students enrolled.

The implementation of this project will enable the students to study in a safe, hygienic and appropriate environment, said the embassy Japan.

Over 400 projects have been implemented across Ethiopia since the GGP was introduced in 1989.

“It is a pleasure for Japan, as a good friend of Ethiopia, to be able to support the people of Ethiopia in such important fields as education and social welfare, which are the keys to the future prosperity of the country,” said Ambassador Matsunaga.

The GGP focuses on community development such as education, vocational training, access to water and sanitation, economic growth, health, food security and more.