At least 17 People killed by Armed Men in Eastern Ethiopia

ADDIS ABEBA – Officials at the Afar regional state says armed men killed at least 17 people and injured more than two dozen others in a small village in northeastern Ethiopia.

Reports say on Monday it is in one of the deadliest attacks seen in the region.

The incident took place on Saturday in Obno, a small village in the Afambo district in the northeastern Afar region.

The administrator of Obno Kebele, Hassan Ali, confirmed on Monday the death of 17 people while 34 others injured by the armed men.

Hundreds of camels were either disappeared or killed, he added.

“Things have now calmed but people still fear the attack may reoccur,” said Hassan who claimed the armed men headed to areas were predominantly Issah people live after executing the attack.

The identity of the armed is still unknown while some claim they came from neighboring Djibouti.
“The armed men came via Djibouti and committed the killings,” Afar’s deputy police commissioner Ahmed Humed told Reuters.

On Monday, Ministry of Defense of Ethiopia dismissed the claim that the attacks were carried out by Djibouti armed force against civilians in Afar regional state.

The rumors being circulated on different media outlets are false, said Colonel Tesfaye Ayalew, head of the office of the deputy chief of staff, a state-run Ethiopian news agency.

The injured are now getting medical treatment in three different medical centers while a few of them are in hospitals in the capital Addis Abeba and Mekelle city.

A local hospital admitted 28 patients who suffered injuries from explosives and bullet wounds, according to Dubti Hospital officials in Afar.

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