ONLF Plans to Compete as National Party in 2020 Election

ADDIS ABEBA – The Ogden National Liberation Front (ONLF) will participate in the 2020 Ethiopian election as a national party, its officials said on Wednesday.

ONLF announce this during the press release its officials gave on Wednesday at Hilton Addis.

“If there is no peace and stability in the entire corner of Ethiopia, there could not be peace in Somali,” said Hassan Muhammad Mohali, ONLF Information Secretary.

Its officials say the Front is in the process of registering with the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, not as a regional but a national party.

This will help pursue its agenda of participating in the peacebuilding and democratization process not only for the people of Somali but for all the Ethiopians, said Abdirahman Mahdi Madey, chairman of the ONLF, during a press conference in Addis Ababa.

“ONLF categorically declares that it will pursue the rights of Somali people and that of all nations in Ethiopia through peaceful political means,” he added.

Last year, the former rebel group signed a peace deal with the government, whom it had previously outlawed as a “terrorist group”.

The agreement led both sides to end hostilities and for ONLF to pursue its political obligations through peaceful means.

“We want to create peaceful and democratic Ethiopia,” Abdirahman said, expressing ONLF’s desire to shape the nations “in the right way”.

Africa’s second-most populous nation will hold a national election in 2020. ONLF’s top official says he “hopes the election will be free and fair and that peace will reign all over Ethiopia.”

During the presser, the front’s officials have asked for equal say for all in the country’s matter. The Front sees the current federal structure of Ethiopia is being directed by ‘few but powerful groups’.

During the presser, ONLF also urged for government and its humanitarian partners to help Somali people who are currently affected by drought.


By Mhret G/Kristos