Ethio-American Doctors Delivers Free Orthopedic Surgery

ADDIS ABEBA – The Ethio-American Doctors Group members are delivering free surgery to footballers and others at AaBET Hospital in Addis Ababa.

The doctors have accomplished surgery on 15 patients with orthopedic problems within two weeks, free of charge.

The AaBET hospital has over 200 patients on its waiting list for orthopedic surgery and the surgery costs a minimum of 200,000 Birr per person.

The members of the Ethio-American Doctors Group (EADG) led by Dr. Keberet Kebede (MD), Orthopedic Surgeon, have been delivering the service.

“We were able to help out different members of society who are on a waiting list of the AaBET Hospital,” Kebret told press briefing. “We witnessed people standing up to thank their doctors.”

Starting Tuesday, EADG members are operating on Ethiopian sportspersons who are suffering from a skeletomuscular disorder.

“Our hospital has qualified medical doctors but doesn’t have a total hip replacement equipment,” says Abiy Worku (MD), Asst. Professor & Orthopedic Surgeon at AaBET Hospital. “As the Ethio-American Doctors Group brought the equipment needed, we can provide the service to our patients.”

For the surgery of the sportspersons, the Ethio-American Doctors Group brought the globally notable surgeon Wiemi A. Douoguih (MD), Medical Director at MedStar Sports Medicine in Washington.

The Group also brought medical equipment and supplies with the support of its members. From the imported equipment the Group donated the sports set and implant equipment to AaBET Hospital.

The Ethio-American Doctors Group is currently building a world-class tertiary hospital with a budget of 110 million USD. With more than 350 members, the Group also gives continuing education on medicine and surgery for local medical doctors every year.