Chefe Oromia Appoints Eleven Officials

ADDIS ABEBA – The Oromia Council (Chefe Oromia) has approved the appointment of eleven officials today, July 16, 2019.

Chefe Oromia has been holding its regular session in Adama since Sunday.

The council has already approved the region’s 70.1 billion birr budget for the 2019/20 fiscal year and heard the performance report of the region’s administration.

In today’s session, the council approved the appointment of several top officials for seven regional bureaus, the region’s road authority, and state media OBN.

The names of the newly approved officials are:

1. Dr. Habtamu Itefa- Head of Water Bureau
2. Dengie Boru- Head of Trade Bureau
3. Girma Hailu- Head of Culture and Tourism Bureau
4. Tarekegn Bululta- Head of Cooperatives Promotion Bureau
5. Dr. Kene’a Yadeta – Head of Security and Administration Bureau
6. Sadat Nesha- Head of Enterprise and Industry Development Bureau
7. Seifedin Mehadi – Head of the office of the Chief Administrator’s and Oromia Council
8. Engineer Dejene Fikadu- Director-General of Oromia Roads Authority
9. Mrs. Jemila Sinbiru – Head of Labor and Social Affairs Bureau
10. Dr. Tola Beriso – Chair of Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN) Board
11. Zinabu Asrat – Director-General of OBN

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