Week-long Event Help Ministry Gather Inputs for GTP III

By Mhiret G/Kristos

ADDIS ABEBA – Ministry has used ‘Water, Irrigation and Energy week’ events to gather essential inputs for the development of GTP III, said to government official.

The Event which was held from Monday to Thursday this week, was “successfully completed as it’s planed”, said Dr. Eng. Sileshi Bekelle Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy.

He said the event was important to generate more ideas and Knowledge which we will “excellent inputs for our drafting country’s policy and strategy” in the sector.

The ministry is currently drafting its plan for the third Growth and Transformation Plan or GTP III.

Minister Sileshi also said that his office has taken a lesson to work more with independent power producers, especially in developing solar, wind and geothermal energy.

Around 1300 experts and participants attended several events organized as part of the week-long program while 74 researches were presented.

In the final day, the participants planted around 10,000 Threes in Silulta, Oromia regional state.

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