Multi-Million Dollar Climate Research Program Launched

ADDIS ABEBA – The Climate Research for Development (CR4D) in Africa initiative announced the first cohort of 21 young African scientists who will receive up to £100,000 each to carry out demand-driven research.

Their research will focus on the areas of foundational climate science, application and engagement with policy, development and decision communities.

The grantees from Benin, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Namibia, Uganda, Senegal and Zimbabwe were selected through a highly competitive research commissioning process.

The CR4D is an African-led initiative created through a partnership of the African Climate Policy Center (ACPC) of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), among others.

Officials of ECA, which has partnered with the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) to implement and manage the CR4D research grants, said they are delighted to see the launch of the research grants.

This comes after several years of investment in building partnerships with other institutions, eminent scientists and scholars.

Professor Nelson Torto, the Executive Director of the AAS noted the academy “has a long-term investment in scientific excellence in Africa and ensures that early career research leaders are mentored to achieve and maintain excellence in their respective fields”.

He said also said the academy will invest in the career development of the 21 researchers by inducting them into their postdoctoral fellowship programs under its Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa platform.

The WISER-funded CR4D research grant will help improve the capacities and competencies of young African researchers and contributes to the development of more science-based reliable and useful climate information in Africa.

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