Children walking to school in Addis ababa. The 8th-grade Ministry exam serves as the second cycle assessment of the students in Ethiopia's current education system.

Private Schools Plans to Increase Tuition Fees

By Mhirt G/Kirstos

ADDIS ABEBA – A majority of private schools are set to increase tuition fees starting for the next academic year, revealed the association of their owners.

The raise could range from 20 percent to 50 percent for the 2019/2020 academic year which will start in September 2019, according to the association’s estimate.

Aberra Tassew, president of the private school owners’ association, attributed the reason for the possible fee increase to the raising in the rent fee.

There are at least 1, 262 private schools in Addis Abeba alone.

Most private schools have asked the government for land to build schools. They are yet to receive a good response, he said

A state regulatory agency has also put some prequalification that incurs investment from the schools’ side.

The only choice for the schools is now to increase the price monthly student fee said the president of their association told The Daily Monitor.

“Private schools are investments and business, not NGOs,” he said. “They should increase payment for a better profit margin to the owners.”

He said schools will make the price adjustment in a “fair and logical” way while asking the state to make school materials import free from tax as is a normal investment.

Running costs for the other campuses, which include rent, teachers’ salaries, and bills related to school materials including books, are becoming expensive, according to the president.

Officials at General Education Quality Regulatory Agency said increasing fees may not be the solution in the long term.

Parents are complying with the price increment of private schools and so are the private schools of their cost, said Biruknesh Aregaw, General Director of the agency.

Biruknesh said the state will help what is possible in its capacity ease challenge, but ruled out any subsidy private schools.

She, however, advised them “to focus on quality education to the students with fair fee”.