Ethiopians Asked to Name a Newly Discovered Planetary Body

Ethiopians Asked to Name A Newly Discovered Planetary Body

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopians have been given an opportunity to name a newly discovered planetary object, according to the office of Prime Minister.

The planetary body already has a scientific name called ‘HD 16175’ or ‘HD 16175 B’ but not a common name.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has been the official naming body for astronomy since its establishment in 1919 with its headquarters in Paris.

IAU, a senior body governing international professional astronomical activities worldwide, has now extended the chance to Ethiopians.

The PM office revealed IAU’s decision on Wednesday and said the chance has been given to Ethiopia due to the recent positive developments in the country.

The office called it “a historic opportunity for Ethiopians” to name the planetary body, adding every Ethiopian has a chance to name the body so long as it fits into the standards of IAU.

“If accepted, it will be used permanently,” said the PM office in a statement, calling all Ethiopians – both in and abroad – to recommend one.

Suggestions could be sent to the PM office via a text message to a number 920, the statement said.