Search for Five Electoral Board Members Begins

By Mhret G/kristos

ADDIS ABEBA – A recruiting process for five spots of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has started with a call for the public to nominate candidates on Tuesday.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister has to select nominees for five membership spots of the NEBE and needs to get the lower house of parliament approval before they start to do their job.

Tuesday’s call for nominees came a week after Chairperson NEBE Birtukan Mideksa complained that not having active five members is impeding the Board’s activities.

The delay to nominate and approve board members has created ‘’a gap in the board’s work,” Birtukan told MPs last Wednesday.

She requested for them to push the executive body to carry out its responsibility of readying members for approval.

‘Criteria Outlined’ 

In a briefing held at the Red Cross Headquarters on Tuesday, the recruiting committee has called on the public to nominate their pick for the five spots in the board.

The nomination date has already started on Tuesday and will last until June 19, announce the committee.

One month recommended days is enough for the nominating, Dr. Meshesha Shewareg, Chairperson of the committee, told reporters, urging for the public to actively participate in the nomination process.

The suggestion could be presented to the committee in written form and sent to them via Email, Post offices, and Fax.

But, if anyone wants to do that in person, can nominate their pick to Red Cross management office in Addis Abeba, said Dr. Meshesha.

The nominee shall be an Ethiopian national, not a member of any political party, ethical, and loyal, according to the committee.

Having the new members onboard is expected to fast-track not only preparation for the May 2020 election but also facilitate possible referendums including some statehood questions.

The board is also at the final stage of having a draft bill that will set guidelines for party registration ready for parliament approval.

The board is yet to start registering parties. Currently, there are over 100 registered political parties in the country.