Ethiopia Starts Electricity Rationing Amid Constant Black Out

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia started implementing load shading on Friday after state-run Utility firm announced it was facing critical power shortfalls.

The announcement came after a massive power cuts observed across Ethiopia on Thursday, affecting homes and businesses.

Power utility supplier EEU said it had been forced to cut power generation at its power plants due to low water levels at reservoirs of three dams.

There is at least 476 MW power gap, said Engineer Sileshi Bekele, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity.

He said there is a significant drop in water levels at the main reservoirs and cannot generate electricity at optimal capacity.

And introducing rotational power cuts has become necessary in order “to balance the power supply available from Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and the customers demand”, the minister added.

The utility firm too advised customers to check their daily load shedding schedule at the service centers.

The phenomenon has also forced Ethiopia to stop electricity export to neighboring countries such as Djibouti, and may lose at least 180 million USD per year which the sector was expected to generate this year.