Some 3000 migrants are detained in temporary detention sites in Yemen, many of whom are fasting for Ramadan. (Photo: Olivia Headon/IOM)

Thousands of Ethiopian Migrants Languish in Yemen Detention

ADDIS ABEBA – United Nations migration agency said thousands of Ethiopian migrants are held in “inhuman condition” in two temporary detention sites in Yemen.
Authorities in Yemen has been detaining in two sports stadiums and a military camp in the Aden, Abyan and Lahj governorates since April 21. Their number has now reaching nearly 5,000.

These detainees predominately are Ethiopians, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said.

The agency, which is providing clean water and emergency food at Stadium in Aden, has called for the release these migrants.

“IOM remains extremely concerned for the people being held in inhumane conditions in Aden and Abyan,” IOM’ Joel Millma, spokesperson of IOM while briefing reporters late Tuesday.

Last week, the agency reported that on April 30, guards fired on migrants detained at Aden sports stadium, two of whom suffered gunshot wounds, leaving a teenage boy likely paralyzed for life. It had no further information on the incident on Tuesday.

The IOM was talking to the authorities to try to get them released, he added.
Apart from Aden, it said thousands of migrants are stranded in other locations throughout Yemen.

The city of Aden and the neighboring province of Lahj are currently under the control of the internationally-recognized government backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The coalition is fighting Iran-aligned Houthi rebels who control Sanaa, Yemeni capital, and other major urban centers after more than four years of war.